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Fearless Foodtech Innovators

We challenge the norm, disrupt standards, and create novel products and technologies. For over a century Fazer has driven innovation in foods, the Fazer lab team is at the forefront of further advancement to drive innovation in food by applying plant-based innovations for future generations wellbeing and the welfare of the planet.

Brain How

What’s good for the mind is also good for the body. Everyday cognitive ability and mood is how we experience well-being and feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In other words, the feeling of well-being is driven by a feeling of mental capability in daily life, indirectly stemming from the food we eat and our physical ability. Fazer Brainhow integrates these perspectives and provides a holistic approach, with tangible proof and clear benefits for all dimensions of well-being. Take part of the data in the downloads and follow our Instagram account for regular updates on how to apply brainhow to everyday life.





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