Application areas

Endless possibilities

For coming generations to experience a perfect day, a transformational change in how we utilize the wonders of nature is essential. Consumers are aware, and demand of us to apply what we know, to feed future generations and to save the planet. Fazer Foodtech takes an active part in adressing this need and through grit and determination, have won awards for a patented upcycling technology, been recognized for the committment to sustainability and have formed a dedicated team to drive this change, with You, in application areas ranging from food to wellbeing to personal care.





Product Families

Fazer Foodtech looks to the wonders of nature when creating ingredients for use in applications ranging from food solutions to personal care. Northern oats with its proven benefits in health and wellness, inside and out, is our core raw ingredient that we transform and apply in various solutions. In addition we have ingredients based on rye and wheat with more to come.

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